Electralume Fishing Light

The Electralume has emerged as the next generation of fishing lights. Using LED illumination, the Electralume doesn't fade overnight like chemical lights. With a battery life up to 500 hours the Electralume offers a consistent, high intensity luminance that outperforms chemical light sticks.

Electralumes are proven effective for swordfish, grouper, snapper, halibut and other species that have historically been attracted to light.

Simply put, the Electralume lasts longer and penetrates deeper into the water to catch more fish. Take your pick; the Lindgren-Pitman Electralume comes in a variety of colors.

Also now available, the Full Spectrum Electralume. This light has become the weapon of choice for swordfishermen throughout the world. While there are many opinions on what color works best, when in doubt try them all.

At Lindgren-Pitman, we just know they work.

Electralume Fishing Lights

Single Color Electralumes $39.95
Multi-Colored, Purple, & Spectrum* $48.75
*Actively changes from Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White

New! Now in Purple and Full Spectrum